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We Connect

through our Differences!

Every virtual event is different! It's our team's culture to celebrate our differences. We understand it's the very thing that makes us unique! Connect with us so we can help your attendees connect with you!

About Us

Remote Events Production Strategists (R.E.P.S.) is a full-service event management company based in [ ], FL. Our team of award-winning professionals specializes in taking your event from concept to production.

Connecting Differently

Our mission is to provide our clients with the warm feeling of an in-person experience virtually. We are a group with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds that together create meaningful connections for our clients and their audiences. What matters to us most is the success of your event. Your success is our success. We work with our clients from beginning to end to curate a virtual experience that allows people to ‘connect differently’ no matter where they are in the world. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how the world connects. We are prepared and sensitive to the needs and changes you require regardless of whether planned or impromptu. 


Our event platform allows your attendees to communicate with other attendees in small intimate groups, move around within groups for networking or address all the attendees at once. Whether it be an intimate family gathering or a large corporate event, either way, our team will have you covered. Our team delivers!


Why we are the right fit for you

We handle everything from concept to in-house production to clean-up, saving you precious hours of your time (and undue stress) when we put on your event. Our team is from a wide variety of backgrounds (technical, education, entertainment), allowing us to customize the experience you want to create for your audience. We offer your team white-glove service.


We can not wait to connect with you!



More than our mission's our purpose.

We believe that the world is our local community. We believe that micro efforts for our clients, our employees, and our communities can contribute to the stabilization of each economic level.

~ Matthew Perkins, R.E.P.S. Founder

Virtual Team Meeting
Serving our Customers
  • We provide a higher echelon experience and strive to be the premier virtual event site bringing the pinnacle of innovation

  • We pride ourselves on maintaining the quality and accessibility of virtual events while pushing boundaries 

  • We create events that meet multiple avenues of ROI

  • We teach and demonstrate the new tools for a truly interactive event

Working Together
Serving our Team

  • We broaden employees as people through our flagship business model

  • We have integrated our Employee-to-Entrepreneur Program 

  • move beyond the gig economy

  • We commit to strive to global salary equity

Group Planting a Tree
Serving our Communities

  • We strive to help empower people to exist outside of the immediate environment

  • We strive to assist with community self-empowerment

  • We help take fundraising to a global audience

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