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What We Offer

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You desire to help your event shine in the virtual space. We have the grit and persistence to get the job done and create an experience -- no matter what. Let's talk to see how we can curate your unique event. 



In-House Virtual Production

We are there to support you the day of your event whether you need us to plan with you or not. We make sure the show is running on time and all technical details are on point.


Event Promotion

Before you're ready to take the stage, we yell it from the rooftops. From sign-up pages to social media to community engagement, we connect the dots behind the scenes to bring the hype.


Media and Accessibility

Media recording services package all of your talks to be purposed along with speech-to-text services for accessibility needs.


Event Consultation

Draft a roadmap to show day, letting the team know when and where to be. Set deadlines and reminders for rehearsals and meetings.


Speaker and Sponsor Procurement

Have an event idea, but need speakers or sponsors to make your event epic? We vet and onboard your speakers and sponsors to get them into the mix.


Event Analytics and Feedback

Hear from your guests about how they felt about your event as well as attendance and engagement metrics.

REPS is simply amazing! Their staff was very accommodating to my last minute and urgent request. The follow up was superb and they did all the heavy lifting so I could just focus on my content. Thanks again!


Clinton Ages

Coach Clinton Inc.


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