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Is your Company new to virtual events?

Are you a virtual event virgin? Are you looking to hold your first social event for the employees, but feel nervous and uncomfortable about the whole idea of making your event fun, informative, or engaging? You're not alone. Folks who are thinking about and wanting to reconnect with family or friends or colleagues need the virtual platform, especially given this pandemic based environment.

There are many, many opportunities to create an experience that is fulfilling for your audience yet relaxing for you as well. And you are able to bring in events that are not strictly knowledge based. You don't have to do something that is always based on learning within a virtual platform. There are many opportunities to hold family entertainment or social based events within the virtual platform as well.

Think about the things that you were doing face to face with your family or friends prior to the shutdown, where are you going to a museum and talking about the different pieces of art it can be done. Where are you attending a concert with opportunities for backstage passes. This can be done too. Want to visit a city that you have not been in before. There are opportunities galore.

There is ample opportunity to bring your idea to life even though it's the virtual life. Here are a couple of ideas to help you create and move forward to do your event:
  • How about a poetry reading there's opportunities? Do you have your favorite poets gathered together and do open mic or Spoken Word poetry?

  • Maybe you want to hold a session with your team that alleviates the level of seriousness throughout the week, and you need a little bit more relaxation. Hold a game night with them! Virtual events do not have to be all serious, yet still maintain a level of professionalism. You can set up a game night where folks will have the opportunity to network with each other. Relax, grab your favorite drink and enjoy each other's company as you play a number of different games.

  • What about a session that is focused on the aspiring culinary chefs in your world? Having sessions where chefs come into play and teach you how to create the latest and greatest meal or teach you how to food prep is all the rage right now.

If you can think about it, you can potentially do anything with the virtual event! Reach out to REPS to help you strategize your social event.

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